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Physically Healthy with Yoga Asana

Practicing Yoga Asana means practicing yoga posture. Inside, we learn to properly control our body, breath, and mind. Therefore, we can use yoga asana to maintain our physical health. As aligned as The Five Points Of Yoga explained. In our daily routine sometimes we tend to

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Pandemic Adaptations Worth Holding Onto

While COVID has upended many people’s plans, there are some silver linings to the ways we’ve adapted our lives to adjust to the pandemic. Some of the adaptations are worth holding onto, such as finding ways to be happy at home and incorporating healthy habits,

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Bakasana & How To Master It

Why do we practice bakasana and how we master it? Practicing various strength poses is fun yet challenging. This complexity will make you stronger and agile. It also creates mental strength and builds your self-confidence. One of the many strengths poses in yoga is bakasana. Bakasana is