Why Lombok Famous For Surf-Yoga Retreat Destination

Looking for a perfect balance between surfing and yoga? Give Kuta Lombok a try!

How Kuta Lombok Provides You with the Ultimate Surf-Yoga Experience

Kuta Lombok host a unique surf destination with unmatched waves, a wide variety of beach breaks, yoga studios. Many surf-yoga retreats in Lombok offer an intimate, immersive experience in a stunning natural environment with unsurpassed hospitality. Surf-yoga combines two of the best activities to combine mind and body. You’ll immerse yourself in a setting free from the distractions of the everyday world, spend quality time with like-minded people who share your values & motivations for living well, and be led by highly skilled instructors to explore the beauty of nature.

Why Yoga is So Important to Surfers

One of the most important aspects of surfers is physical and mental strength. Yes, physical strength to paddling out, move around the water, quickly pop up, stay standing, and obviously fight against the waves when falling and go under the water. It is a pretty intense activity that is strong enough to make the body stiff especially the lower back, shoulders, arms, and core. Not only physically challenging but also mentally challenging.

Mental strength is needed so we can manage our emotions to stay in the session. When we saw the set that is coming bigger than we thought or it is too small than we expected. Many times this body was already tired and we haven’t managed to paddle out but we still need to have extra energy to reach the boat or beach to finish the

session. When we are in the washing machine wiped out by the waves and we need to hold our breath underwater and to keep calm.

Last but not least, flexibility! Many times surfers forget about their flexibility. Actually, professional surfers who increase their flexibility found that they are able to maneuver better, reduce stiffness, have fewer injuries, and find their bodies recover much quicker from an intense session.

In this case, yoga will help you achieve the necessary balance between your body, mind, and breath. By practicing yoga asana or posture you will develop strength and flexibility at the same time for the surfing muscles. It can allow stiff muscles to relax. The pranayama or breathing practice in yoga class will strengthen your lung, you will be able to hold your breath longer. And of course, the whole practice can make you feel good!

Get Ready for a Vacation Like Never Before by Going to Kuta Lombok Now!

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