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Follow Yogic Diet For A Better Life

Feeling out of balance and in the need of a change. Leave your bad eating habits, and start the good one now.  As we all know food plays an important part in the functioning of the mind. If the food is impure, the mind also becomes impure. This might be the cause of your problems. A proper diet is then urgently needed to bring your balance back.

As written in The Five Points Of Yoga, a proper diet provides the correct fuel for the body.  And from all of the kinds of diets available out there, many people found the Yogic Diet is the best on brings balance into body, mind, and spirit. This ancient diet principle following Ayurveda and Yoga concepts which highlight purity (sattva), nonviolence (ahimsa), and balanced living. Instead of following a restrictive plan like other kinds of diet that could eventually make us unwell, this diet asks us to listen to our body’s needs and adjust food choices accordingly.

Food-wise chose based on the individual body’s constituent’s needs. We are encouraged to consciously not overloading the system by putting in too many toxins. We are also trained to take the right kind of food, eat in the right quantity, at the right time, and in the right manner. Ideally, sattvic foods are the best choice for a yogic practitioner. Because foods with sattvic qualities are highly nutritious, light, and easy to digest which create balance in the body and mind. Yoga discipline teaches us to take a moment before eating to develop reverence and gratitude for the food, to eat slowly and consciously, chewing well, to fill the stomach with 1/2 solid food, 1/4 liquid, and to keep 1/4 space empty, to eat at regular times and only when hungry, and to eat in a peaceful atmosphere.  Eating becomes a sacred experience that needs to be pleasing and enjoyable.

Transform and feel the changes

Follow a yogic diet and start feeling better in your life. To learn more, Ashtari Yoga holds transformational retreats and training that combines yoga activities and ayurvedic food. Together with Ashtari Lombok, and Terra Lombok – the plant-based restaurant in Kuta Lombok, we create a unique experience for you. Our experts from Terra Lombok will prepare you a nourishing diet that following Ayurveda & Yoga principles. Join our program for a life-changing experience.

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