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The Top 10 Reasons to Visit Kuta Lombok, The New Surf-Yoga Retreat Destination

Covid has locked us up, but the world stays free. Soon, we will be free to travel, and your surf yoga retreat in Lombok will come true. So get ready for your next gateway yogis & surfers, Kuta Lombok awaits you! The new surf-yoga destination that’s set to take the world by storm. A remote Indonesian-styled village overlooking the Indian ocean next to the Island of God, known as Bali’s sister. Located near beaches where you can enjoy great waves and sun shines all year round.

A yoga surfing retreat is a great opportunity for you who are interested in yoga and surfing to enjoy both activities on the same vacation. The retreats combine restorative yoga practices with surf sessions. Allows you to relax the mind as well as the body while you enjoy some time off from work or home. The best is to do it in tropical destinations like Costa Rica, Mexico, and Bali.

As the hot-new yoga surf destination, Kuta Lombok offers a lot of unique things like cultural ceremonies, virgin pristine beaches, waterfalls, hidden surf spots. The locals are very welcoming and have shared their customs with visitors for many years, including the importance of spirituality and wellness.

Here are the 10 reasons Kuta Lombok is the ideal surf-yoga retreat destination for your next getaway!

  1. Spectacular surf spots on the South Lombok Coast
  2. World-Class Yoga Retreats and hotels
  3. Stunning scenery and pristine empty beaches
  4. Immerse culture & history and artful shopping = major fun!
  5. Locally engaged sustainable tourism opportunities (and a little more shopping)
  6. A local’s guide to the best sunsets, hiking, waterfalls (no crowd here!)
  7. Healthy Delicious indoor and outdoor dining options 
  8. Affordable rooms and all the luxury you need
  9. Only need one direct flight from Jakarta International Airport
  10. Close to the Lombok International Airport and 15 minutes fly from Bali Island

In this newsletter, we will explore what makes Kuta Lombok so great for wellness and spirituality and why you should visit before everyone else finds out.


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