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Calm Down Anxiety, Start Meditation

We all want to achieve a state of happiness and peace. But for many of us, it can be hard to leave our anxiety behind. Some of us are living in an extremely challenging world and they seem never to find enough time to take a breath. Others are living such an easy life of material riches but cannot stop feeling desperately bored. Both groups are exposed to anxiety and struggle to find inner peace.

To achieve a state of lasting happiness and absolute peace, we must first know how to calm the mind, concentrate, and go beyond the mind to find the self.  Five Points Yoga, an ancient Hatha Yoga tradition taught us to clear the mind using positive thinking and meditation. Many people have found this technique is working to calm anxiety. Even Oprah Winfrey said that meditation has changed her life.

Think positively and meditate puts us in control to still the mind. When the surface of a lake is still, one can see the bottom very clearly. In the same way, when the mind is still, with no thoughts and desires, we can see “Self”. We can control our mind by focusing on Self. When the mind is focused, there is no past nor future. There is only here and now. This is the state of meditation where anxiety cannot penetrate. At this moment we realize we are not separate from happiness, “the self” is the happiness itself. We are no longer anxious and looking for happiness out there.

At Ashtari Yoga we do meditation on a regular basis. We use it as a tool that helps us keep our attention right here, right now, at this moment. Anxiety goes away, which makes our team and students able to live happily through the ups and downs of life. We encourage positive thinking daily that gives us the strength to keep our intentions alive. Experience the true spirit of Yoga with inspiring workshops & events to learn meditation techniques guided by our professional yoga instructors under Yoga Alliance.


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