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Pandemic Adaptations Worth Holding Onto

While COVID has upended many people’s plans, there are some silver linings to the ways we’ve adapted our lives to adjust to the pandemic. Some of the adaptations are worth holding onto, such as finding ways to be happy at home and incorporating healthy habits,

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Bakasana & How To Master It

Why do we practice bakasana and how we master it? Practicing various strength poses is fun yet challenging. This complexity will make you stronger and agile. It also creates mental strength and builds your self-confidence. One of the many strengths poses in yoga is bakasana. Bakasana is

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The Five Points of Yoga

The Five Points of Yoga give us insight into five major elements to fulfil the body's need to function smoothly. The body is a temple or vehicle for the soul which has specific requirements to function properly.  In metaphorical relation to an automobile, we can

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Yin Yoga Postures To Conquer Fear

In this article, we will give you yin yoga postures that you can do at home to conquer fear. Recognize Your Fear and Stress Fear is considered a negative emotion that arises with the threat of harm. It can be triggered by physical, emotional, or psychological. Positively,

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Scientific research suggests listening and hearing is an essential element of the human experience that naturally enhance many aspects of our daily life. One of the greatest benefits that a person feels from sound therapy is relief from stress but also improved focus and decreased

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Yin Yoga : What You Need To Know

Today, most of people know practice Yoga makes us healthier and calmer. There are dozen of branches now: some of the oldest is called Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, and Vini Yoga while some of the newest and smallest shoots have names like Yin Yoga, Acroyoga,  Vinyasa Flow Yoga,


Esctatic Dance Community in Kuta Lombok

Our senior yoga teacher, Marilu Casalino, an authorized yoga teacher by KPJAYI is also an ecstatic dancer! She studied and performed Modern Dance and Ballet, exploring many types of corporal expression and rediscovering Ecstatic Dance and the power of music for healing. As a Peruvian