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It’s a time to dive into yoga retreat in Lombok Paradise

Yes, It’s time to dive into a yoga retreat in Lombok Paradise. But, Why?

Have you ever feel burned out, everything in life is falling apart, and you need a serious break? Or even when you return from a vacation feeling exhausted and in need of another break? That’s because most people don’t take real vacations! Sure, you might break routine for a week, but did you actually take a break from the unhealthy world we live in?

Plan your “me time”, go out to some quiet place where you can relax. Yoga, meditation, and other holistic healing retreats are the answer when a vacation is just not enough. There is something about retreats that is very special and can really create a platform for transformation. Retreat makes us possible to pause, sit back, reflect, and get to know ourselves. Self-awareness is the most crucial skill we can develop to manage burnout. Book Your Yoga Retreat now!

What is a retreat?

A retreat is an act of giving up our regular routine, leaving behind the problems of our busy materialistic world to seek a quiet and secluded place where you can rest and relax. When it is guided by yoga instructors which encouraging healthy and happy living it’s called a yoga retreat. This retreat facilitates the chance to be away from the stress of daily life and get closer to the inner peaceful soul. It can be set up individually or in groups in a peaceful setting far from the crowd and close to nature. The program usually consists of relaxing,  doing yoga asana, breathing exercises (pranayama), meditation, and usually combined with a Yogic diet, eating healthy food. This program can create a new habit to change our unhealthy lifestyle. It is an opportunity to think more deeply about what is going on in our inner lives. An inspirational journey to transform burn out to bliss.

Are you ready to dive into Yoga Retreat?

Check Ashtari Yoga Retreat Lombok. Ashtari Yoga Retreat Kuta Lombok offers both individual and group retreats. You do not have to worry whether the dates will suit you, as the individual retreat program runs non-stop 365 days a year. Anytime you need a retreat you can right away book your spot.

Say bye-bye to burn out and welcoming bliss! And find the deeper meaning of life and uplift your inner spirit, indulge yourself in a yoga retreat today. Find your favorite spot around the world, and choose the best program that suits your soul. For you that like to be independent, go for an individual retreat program. And take a group retreat if you feel like meeting up with new vibrant people.

Book Avakaza Package (3Nights/4Days), a short term stay to nourish your body and soul. For a longer stay, if you feel like this world is too fast and too tense, slow your life with Namaste Package (7Nights/8Days), a week to unplug and relax. On the opposite, if you feel low energy, then Ananda Package (7Nights/8Days), surf& yoga vacation to reenergize body and soul, will be best for you!

Keep your eyes on the upcoming schedule for a group retreat program if you want to blend with others. It is a great opportunity to open your mind to other cultures and backgrounds. You can see a different perspective and get inspired.


Wait no longer! Dive into Yoga Retreat in Lombok Paradise with us now!

Ashtari Yoga Retreat Kuta Lombok is located on top of a hill with breathtaking ocean views over the Indian Ocean. It is surrounded by an undisturbed forestry area.  A sweet-smelling garden with fresh air and a view, this place nourishes the senses that allow you to realign your yoga practice with nature’s unspoiled beauty. Imagine yourself doing your yoga asana and meditation while hearing the birds chirping.  Each sunrise you will be born again.

Located on the remote surf mecca of the South Lombok coast, next to Bali Island, this place is perfect for you that want to enjoy surfing. Or even just a simple swimming in tranquil white soft sandy beaches. You will find yourself enjoying a tropical vibe, sunbathing while drinking fresh coconut water to keep you healthy and hydrated. Keeping yourself active and healthy on this small paradise island.

In collaboration with Terra-Plant Based Restaurant the one and only restaurant that serve 100% plant-based food products in Kuta Lombok, we will serve you variants of healthy food options during your stay. Fuel your body with good stuff and feel the difference. You will transform as a brand new of your-self.


See you in paradise!














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