Lombok: the surfing capital of Asia

Surf & Yoga are the best things to do in Kuta Lombok 2020. Home to indigenous beauty, unsung history, exotic landmarks and plenty to do, Lombok is a one-stop travel destination for everyone. It’s no wonder why people of all ages and backgrounds are switching up their usual holiday haunts for this quiet yet beautiful Indonesian gem. Adrenaline junkies will especially find Lombok to be a paradise and surfing on this southern coastline is truly a dream come true! If you’re a fan of surfing or have been meaning to learn how to, you must add Lombok to your bucket list right now!

The surfing capital of Asia, Lombok has various surfing spots that beginners and pros both can enjoy! While surfing camps are scattered all around Lombok, we advise you to head south to enjoy the truly untamed waves! Why not visit the place that truly pinned Lombok on the surfing map? Desert point is where the experts head to! It is located at a distance of roughly 2 hours west of Kuta and boasts the longest left-hand barrels on the planet! Fascinating, right? And that’s not even the best part! You can dodge the crowd here and enjoy one of the most steady and easy to predict surfs in all of Indonesia right here at Desert point. Besides being true to their values and heritage, the locals are warm and friendly and will gladly assist you to score the perfect wave, after all, they know best.

While Lombok draws all types of surfers to its cleaner, less crowded waters, Lombok remains the perfect place for beginners and intermediate surfers with friendlier and consistent waves. Beginners especially will find Lombok an excellent option to learn how to surf. Why not kill two birds with one stone? Intermediate sufferers looking to brush up their skills will enjoy the consistent waves just and emptier line-ups just as much. Looking for some guidance and help? Head over to a Surf-camp! These camps are the perfect option for those daring to brave the waters under a limited budget; cheap accommodation, tasty yet affordable food, surfing lessons, and even airport transfers render surf-camps the perfect place to be.

Plenty of waves-seekers, trying to open surfing businesses, are moving to the south of Lombok, and start looking at pristine areas and land in Lombok, to begin the dream.

Travelers often tend to rely on the perfect seasons and climates to partake in a life-changing sport, but not at Lombok! This place is perfect for surfing all year round!  The warm, tropical weather is ideal. Lombok, just like Bali, has two distinct seasons: the wet season (October through March and the dry season (April through September). Both seasons come with their perks and shortcomings and the surfing scene is affected by the seasons. Surfers would fare well to stick to the West coast during the dry season as they will encounter cleaner conditions. Since powerful western gusts of wind tend to hit during the dry season, it is most advisable to surf earlier during the day.

The wet season paves way for emptier, warmer beaches and cleaner waves which you will enjoy if you don’t mind getting rained upon, every now and then.

Lombok is the proud host to Asia’s own surf championships and is the surf destination of choice for the much talked about, Rip Curl’s World tour.

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