Lombok Secrets

Previously, Lombok (sister of Bali Island) has a reputation as being a difficult place to explore. That is changing now. We can feel dan see the changes. In the last couple of years, Kuta Lombok has welcomed many tourists from all over the world and become a new hotspot in Lombok. Also, the number of ex-pats and business is growing.

You may never want to leave again after falling in love with the area. The beauty of the landscape, the people, the culture is what you need to pull back from your routine. get inspired, and rejuvenate. 

Here we give you a few glimpses of the vibes living here.


Surf Camps

Multi Sports




It is not just heaven for traveler and holidaymakers, this place is the perfect investment space as well. It has a stable, friendly, and lucrative environment. You’ll find a small but growing strip of restaurants, bars, cafes, and shops that should keep you satiated for a few days while you explore the area. Strolling around with scooter or motorbike on a paved or dirt road just a couple hundred meters from a massive turquoise-blue bay of Indian Ocean.

Find yourself and your beloved once doing surfing, yoga, running, swimming, snorkeling spearfishing, or joining eco-friendly and social events and organization.